a bitty doll quilt for March

I'm started to get a bit more inspired to finish (or start) some projects. Warmer weather always helps me get more motivated for projects, any kind. And spring break is here!

I started on a little owl for my daughter but have had to stop until I get some white felt for the face.

I finished up the little doll quilt. So glad to have that project I was dreading simplified and finished.
I had some flannel for the back and added some scrappy binding to finish it off.

Since I didn't have the felt to finish the owl, I've been thinking through my next quilt (a modified log cabin) and started cutting some of the fabrics. I originally wanted to make one based off of a design in my little notebook but still thinking through how to make it without too much waste or an overly tedious piecing.
I think I know what to do and will do a test soon, probably on one of the upcoming rainy days. Hope my math is right!


  1. I really enjoy the mindlessness of making log cabin squares. My first bed-sized quilt was, shall we say, a log cabin attempt. I'll revisit that type of block soon. I also just made a pillow from a 2 block log cabin leftover.
    Popped by from Finish it Up Friday.


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