Birthday Blue- a March quilt

This birthday quilt took shape quite quickly. I had made a pile of blue fabrics a month or so ago. When I found out that it was the favorite color of one of my friends, one with a birthday coming soon, I knew it was her stack of fabric. And at about the same time Jenny Baker posted a tutorial for her Heart Crossed throw quilt. It would be perfect for the blue fabric and for the recipient, and was a fairly simple pattern, one that could be finished on time.

I really love how it looks, with a great mix of cheerful blues and lighter crosses scattered through out. I used a blue and white striped backing I had and more of the stripy fabric from the front as the binding.
It is throw sized, just big enough for a lap quilt. I thought about adding a bit more but didn't have enough variety left in the fabrics to make it work without looking like something just added on at the end.

I finished that up last night. Today I decided to pull out a bin of a project I had started that I DID NOT like. I gave myself permission to just finish up what was cut and make it into a pillow or little quilt or whatever I could with what I had.

The half square rectangle blocks proved that I do not like to follow directions. And even when I did follow directions, the diamonds were just not coming out that great. So now it is a baby quilt top,
and will be finished up soon to giveaway. It will be pretty and colorful--and a bit of a mess with lots of chopped off points. But it will be done.


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