inspiration day

I finished up the green set of log cabin blocks for my next quilt.

Next week I will cut each of them into quarters and then add sashing to like these blocks:

After I finish the green sashed blocks I will make a gray set, and then it will be time to layout the top. Almost there!

I've started reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron as part of my summer reading. One of the weekly requests she makes is an artist date, to treat your own artist self. I had already been planning some special trips like this with my kids and since this was their first day of vacation, we headed to the Crystal Bridge and Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City. We headed to the Children's Garden first, since it was cooler this morning than it would be by the time we finished in the Crystal Bridge.

After about 30 minutes we headed to the Crystal Bridge. It was getting hot.We had a friend with us, and both of the girls brought a sketch book so I brought mine too. First I wandered around just taking pictures. So many colors and textures and fun!

I sat for a bit (maybe 5 minutes) on a rock and drew. The girls wandered around doing quick sketches and my son wrote down the names of lots of interesting plants. He also did that in the Children's Garden so I may get him to research some of those to find some to add to our yard. After about an hour, we were ready to eat! We retrieved our picnic from the car and found a shaded hill in the Gardens area. The colors of the gardens were inspiration for quilts, plus we brought home an indoor plant and was also definitely inspired by the Children's Garden area for our own yard. Looking forward to more artist inspiration dates this summer!