30 Days of quilts made

I've been participating in Stitched in Color's 30 Days of Fabric Stacks on Instagram. Each day has a theme for a group of at least four fabrics. It's been great inspiration to help me look through my fabric, and apparently I have a lot. I've also started wondering if I've already made quilts for each of these different themes. I know I have for quite a few so I'm going to tackle the first 9 days on here today. Day 10 was a day to select a fabric we want from the sponsor, Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory, so I won't have one for that day.

Day 1: True Blue, from March of this year.
and one from a few years ago

Day 2: Ethereal- a couple of them fit this theme

Day 3: Orange

Day 4: New fabric. I'm gonna skip that one since I don't really remember.

Day 5: Baby- a couple from this year (have made a lot of baby quilts)

Day 6: Folksy Fall - two from last fall

Day 7: Yellow
I couldn't find any that were yellow themed. A lot of my quilts have yellow in them, but few (or maybe none) were "yellow."

Day 8 theme is Hand Dyed or Printed. We have dyed some fabric but I have not used any of it yet in a quilt.

and finally Day 9: Softly against Black

So many quilts to look through. I will do the same thing for days 11- 20 once I post those fabric stacks in the challenge on Instagram. And it looks like I should start thinking about a yellow themed quilt!