time away

Last weekend my son finished up his soccer season with a tournament, a tough one.

After their final game, we headed to Branson. I had been planning this trip for a while but was not sure we were going to make it until that day. We had loaded up the car just in case though to save some driving time.

We beat the storm following us up the interstate and made it to my friend Amy's house in time for dinner. Then we settled in and waited for the rain.

The next morning we headed out to Silver Dollar City.

I now have a new ride buddy--my daughter! We went on a few of the smaller rides but she also really wanted to go on the American Plunge. I was a little iffy about it because I had worn jeans, and I was thinking the line would take forever. But we headed over and in the end, I was so glad she got me to ride it!

We spent the next day with our new adopted family, heading first to Promised Land zoo.

We had most of the place on our own at the beginning, which was awesome.

After this our family headed to the outlet mall while the younger kids headed home for rest time. It was Memorial Day so it was pretty crowded with lots of sales everywhere. We of course then wore ourselves out and probably should've stuck with rest time too. Not the kids though. After a short break they were ready for swimming so most of us headed to a local indoor pool. Our first swim of the summer- done!

So thankful for family time away and as an added bonus, spending it with a college friend and her family. It was a huge blessing and a perfect way to kick off the summer!


  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful visit. I love the photos, and all of your adventures.


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