creative space

One of the bonuses of summer for us is extra time for making stuff and getting to explore a bit more together. A couple of weeks ago, we all visited the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Weekends in July are free for kids, and we like free!

We all love the Chihuly exhibit and the hands-on elements they have added in many of the art spaces.

This week my son is visiting the mountains for church camp, so my daughter is getting even more one on one time with her parents. One day she got to help dad build a lawn mower.

The next day we broke open the tie dye set her grandma had given her.

And then the next day, well, she got to gather up her school supplies and help me buy groceries. She also spent a lot of time loving on her new rabbit Meadow.

I finished up a quilt top (pictures coming soon), and she wrote out all of her birthday party invitations. She was super excited to do that--and that means I don't have to! A win win!

I have a few more ideas for the few free days during the summer weeks we have left, plus I love leaving the space open, flexible for new ideas or just to play. I've actually been doing that more at work (not the play part), planning one or two priority things but then leaving the rest open. It certainly keeps me from being super frustrated, like when I've planned out this giant to-do list and then God brings someone to the office door needing to talk, or to get a set of clothes, or I chose to make a short shopping trip for a foster child, or any other random thing that I hadn't left space for in my day. Those are the reasons I am in my job, and it's easy to lose sight of that when I make it all about checking off items on a list. I'm learning.