divide and conquer

I have heard several people talk about May this year, that May has turned into a mid-year December with so much on our calendars. It is the end of the school year, with all of those academic, sports, and other celebrations and parties. So much to finish well, while we are also planning ahead (especially at my work) for the next season--summer.

Mother's Day weekend was full proof of that. We had to divide and conquer- boys and girls. My daughter participated in Girls on the Run at school again this year. That season ended with a celebration 5K Saturday morning that weekend. I was a running buddy "cheerleader" for my daughter and a few other friends that ended up sticking together the whole race.

Apparently we all run with our eyes closed. We made a trip to the outlet mall afterwards with some friends to celebrate. We ended that day with a Mother's Day dinner with my parents and sister--and once again for at least the second year in a row,  I failed to get any pictures.

Sunday was a whirlwind--a mother's day breakfast at church, children choir leading worship, serving lunch at Food and Shelter with a friend (there is a picture out there with hair nets but . . . no), and then a rescheduled soccer game.

Meanwhile the boys were out of town for a soccer tournament and Mother's Day celebrating with the other side of the family.

There was some strange moment of disqualification that was overturned in this one, but they were still able to finish out on top, take a pic (thank you Mr. Storm for the photo), and then head home in time to meet us back in town for my own Mother's Day dinner. It was a very full weekend of celebrations with family, friends, and one-on-one time with our kids, all of which we were a thankful to be a part of. And we are thankful that our weekend options are usually not quite so jam-packed.