the four by four -- a May quilt

Of the different tasks of quilting, one of my favorites is pulling fabrics that I would like to use together in a quilt.  I usually shoot for 10-12 as the starter group. If I really like what I end up with those go in a bin while I think about what I want to do with them. Sometimes it takes a LONG time to decide. With one of my sets I decided to use this tutorial by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew for a two by four quilt. At this point I often get to dig through and add a bunch more fabric. I started cutting and sewing and then ... I don't know. I ended up with a four by four quilt instead.

As an added bonus to whatever happened there, I was able to sew together the extra off-cuts from each strip into the additional blocks I needed to make the quilt, since I was laying out mega blocks and wanted it to end up squarish or rectangular. It was really not until I was looking back at the original tutorial and at this one by Film In the Fridge,trying to decide how to quilt it, that I finally noticed the difference and why my blocks were not matching what Allison was describing. Good grief.

I like it regardless.
After wandering around the store for a while, I decided to finish it with a flannel backing and a gray polka dot binding. And straight (sort of) stitching.

Another quilt finish for the year--and another one to hold onto for awhile to see where it needs to land. 


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