November quilt 1- a scrappy one

After seeing this quilt, which really isn't so different than others I've made, I decided it was time to make another scrap quilt. I had a bin of scraps I had cut into strips thinking I would make another type of scrap quilt, but never seemed to want to actually make that one. So I emptied that bin plus dug around in all my scrap bins for strips of leftovers. I ended up with this:

It is a smaller quilt, maybe roughly 36" x 48" or so. Small means no piecing needed for the back of the quilt. And that it's done sooner rather than later.

I decided to hand quilt this one with thicker thread and alternated colors as I went along. I added a double row of stitches after I finished the first set--it just seemed like it needed more. The back is a flannel I've had a little while, probably bought when the store had a major sale on flannel. I leaned toward the colors on the back to use for the scraps of the quilt top, but added a few others in just because.  This one is planned for a donation to a local organization called Mary Abbott Children's House, and if they accept it, I will have found my local quilt drop-off spot!


  1. I like this quilt a lot. Gosh I have mountains of scraps and could be making quilts for kiddos too.


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