Spin - one more October quilt

Fall is here and with it ever changing temperatures. Most mornings are cold, although some are not. Most afternoons are warm still though, making it great for afternoon soccer and football games.
A morning game:

and then an afternoon game.

Colder temperatures always make me want to make more quilts. It is not so hot in my south facing quilt room, so I just want to spend more time in there. And it is almost cold enough for me to do some hand quilting--but not quite. Maybe the next one. This quilt was based on the Vintage Spin pattern by Kathy Doughty in her book Adding Layers. I had a large scale print of some Japanese girls and used that to select the colors and the pattern. It seemed to fit the Japanese girls holding their fans. Even my husband commented on it as "Japanese" but maybe more because of the resemblance to the Japanese kamikaze flag. Thankfully I hadn't made it in red and white!

The backing is mostly the green floral shown here, with a strip of scraps to join the two parts. I stayed with the black pin-dot for the dots and binding as in the original. I looked at another option but the black seemed to tie the various fabrics together better. I did NOT hand applique those circles on. I thought about it. I even cut the circles the size to do that. But I could not even get the edges to fold over to finger press, and was dying a bit inside thinking about sewing on 25 of those. I tried a zig zag stitch around the top of one and it worked fine, fine enough that I was able to finish the quilt in this decade rather than in the next if I had made myself hand stitch those on. Our current couch quilt Dotty also has circles I applied with a zig zag and I love the texture the edges add to the quilt.

I think that is 18 quilts so far for the year. Some were baby sized but as I look, quite a few were larger. Up next is this rainbow scrap quilt inspired by Rachel at Stitched in Color

I am planning to donate it to my daughter's school for their Silent Auction at the beginning of December. This one may get a bit of colorful hand quilting. Maybe.

Before I finish, here are my children's choices for Halloween this year: 

He wanted a mask he could wear with warmer clothing (it was COLD this year). And now it is laying in our living room just to creep us all out every time we walk in the door. 

My daughter decided to reuse her Greek goddess costume, and her friend was Hermione--the reverse of what they wore last year:

Now on to November!


  1. You created such a cheerful quilt, front and back!! Have fun with the rainbow quilt.


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