Family Time

Because we live in Sooner land, we occasionally get an early fall break, one that ties in with the OU-Texas game. I had my eyes on that break as a time to do that camping trip we had wanted to do this summer. The weather was going to be so much better, although there was a slight chance of rain. But due to all kinds of circumstances, our camping trip to Robbers Cave morphed into a camping trip to my sister's backyard. The kids had a blast, and we were close to convenient facilities like a bathroom, their gas grill, and a tv to watch OU's game. We had spaghetti and smores Friday evening and then yummy pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

 Lunch. More Whataburger, without his uncle.
 Grace setting up camp.

 One of Isaac's birthday gifts--and a s'more.
 This is what a 3 year old does with a s'more.

 Grace LOVED this doggie.
 My sister cooking. We weren't camping at this point, so it was her turn on the grill.
 Sweet doggies.
 Grace "cooking" spaghetti

That book above? It's the Harry Potter cookbook he wanted, with the pumpkin pasties recipe. We made them on Sunday and they were quite tasty. Ended up with 3 instead of the 6 it stated on the recipe, but that was probably for the best.