September Quilt #1 {berry blooming birdie}

Once upon a time I ordered a bunch of fabric from Hancocks to make slipcovers for chairs. It was "Fresh from the Garden" by M'Liss. The colors matched and I liked the bird. It was probably on sale too. And then a few months after I finished them, I decided I really didn't like the fabric on the chairs. It was too busy. I still had LOTS leftover--I had guessed on how much to buy.  While sorting through my fabric recently, I decided to use some of it to make a quilt. I used some of the scraps as squares and then yardage for the backing. I think I still have about FIVE yards left.

I gave this to my friend, who kept my kids for me a day and a half each week this summer, and did so for free. It was a huge blessing for us.

Yes, Amy, I gave away another one.


  1. I bet the slipcovers are adorable because your quilt is super cute!! Love the fabrics! Your friend is a lucky girl!


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