We finally took our summer vacation--on Labor Day weekend. We went camping, and really needed to wait until the temperatures would be bearable. We headed to Branson to camp, deliver a quilt (bad timing to visit but got the quilt there), and introduce Grace to Silver Dollar City.

We got Branson as Isaac was leaving. Isaac the tropical storm. Our Isaac was very excited to meet him. We had a slight break in rain so we scrambled to get the tent up and the rain fly on. Then the downpour kicked up again, in perfect time for a little bit of down time.

After it slacked off and the kids were going a little stir crazy, we went to Butterfly Palace.

 Sometimes she likes to pose for pictures, even asks me to take her picture.

This is what she does when she isn't posing--climbs all over the place and practices gymnastics. Isaac spent most of his time taking pictures. We need to download them.

Dinner was hot dogs and all that. Since everything was still pretty wet, we just used our camp stove. He was happy. And no, we did not need that many canisters of propane. I just can't tell how much is in any of them.

The next day was sunny so we and all the rest of people in Branson that day went to Silver Dollar City.

 Isaac, standing in front of everyone in the room, watching these ladies make candy.

 A pretty good shot of us on the kiddie roller coaster. Grace really loved the rides.

 This one is blurry but they are both smiling.

 Isaac's dream machine.

 Grace was really entranced by the potter. She stayed there for 10 to 15 minutes. And would've stayed longer.
We dragged her away for this:

This picture is really awesome. 

After a dinner break back at the campsite, we headed to the other side of Branson. Thankfully they have this fairly new Ozark High Road so we could loop around the whole town and see no other cars. It was awesome. We dropped off the quilt and then headed to the Lego Creations exhibit at Branson Landing.

We stayed as long as we could stand it (the a/c doesn't work well when the doors are propped open). And it was time for s'mores.

It was a great trip, much more restful than some of my more recent trips. Or maybe just less stressful. The extra space in the car does help. This is good to know since our next trip will be a little farther. I did miss getting to visit with my friend but that will have to wait for another time. It was grand enough just getting to spend the time with my family.


  1. Exciting! We should have gone camping!
    that picture of Isaac IS awesome :)


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