more quilt finishes

I just noticed I had posted two different quilts as January quilt #2. I've fixed that just in time to post the next ones. I'm going to post all of them. Hopefully it won't spoil any surprises.

Number 4 is a gift. I showed one picture of it earlier. I designed the layout of this one. I had one 5" charm pack of Flora's Fancy fabric and thought if I reversed the layout of the Cocoon one I did last summer, it would be enough. I ended up using 2 1/2" strips to spread it out a bit. So if someone wanted to, this quilt top design could be recreated entirely out of precut fabric.

The solid is Kona Bone, and I used flannel on the back to make it a bit more snuggly.

Number 5 is a scrap quilt. I had been saving the leftovers from all of the pink quilts I made last year in a tub, and finally decided to do something with it.

As you might expect, my daughter has claimed this one.

Number 6 is a custom order based on a quilt design on Cluck Cluck Sew. Hers was red and tan. I don't like tan so I switched it to white. Per the customer's request, I also added in some heart fabric within the reds and great one on the back. Most of the pics were taken inside last night. I did try to take some today in the sun, but quickly discovered that is is hard to take a picture of a quilt hanging on a clothesline in this wind. Especially a clothesline that can spin in circles.

Maybe I'll do 40 quilts this year since it's my 40th year, but maybe not that many in one month. It seemed like a lot, and really, the more I think about it, the more I need a nap.