Friday Finishes {an August quilt}

It has been a full day but I finished some projects. The main one was the larger version of the itty bitty apple x I made last year. It was doll sized. This one is a large throw. As you can see from this picture.

It is the last of the set of 6 I have been working on this year, so it's a double finish!

The backing is different than on the doll quilt, but I wanted a flannel and I thought this one would make it special for the little girl's parents too. And maybe be a good reminder for her as she gets older!

I also made a couple of desserts for my daughter's birthday party tomorrow--some butterscotch brownies in cupcake style (her request)

and some sand cups (the rest of the umbrellas go on tomorrow so I can get them to the party)

I also finished everything on my to-do list except for putting some tables and chairs in the car. I've got hours left to do that!

I have a feeling that once this weekend has ended, I'm gonna need a good nap.


  1. Lovely quilt - and the birthday treats look yummy! Have fun!

  2. First of all...Yum! Those snacks look delicious. Second, that quilt is too cute. I love the colors and the border really is stunning. Love it.


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