a king for the queen of hearts

I finished up the king size t-shirt quilt this week. However I also started having a LOT of problems with my computer and wasn't sure if and when I would be able to post. It has been fixed for now (thanks to my husband) but will need an upgrade at some point if I want to see my pictures and files that we shifted to a different computer again. I had to think some about how to do the pics for this post but finally got these:

This is her second t-shirt quilt--she had a LOT of them. Now they are gonna help keep her warm this winter.

With the first one, I made columns of the t-shirts and then sewed those together. This one was built in rows instead, alternating dark and light ones. I found some wide quilting fabric for the backing at JoAnn, and even used it for the binding by following this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew.

Over the summer I heard an artist talking about her work, and how she had felt constrained by her  workspace. Someone told her "work smaller." Having made a king size quilt now, and feeling increasingly constrained by my workspace, my motto is now "work smaller"---except for maybe very special occasions for very special people.

And now I'm off to enjoy fall break with my family.


  1. The Queen of Hearts thanks you very very very much!!


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