for a baby-- the last one of September

Once upon a time, maybe even last year, I cut up some squares of leftover fabric. I even started putting them in rows. And then I stuck it in a box. A few months ago I decided it was time to empty some of the boxes and laid out the rows again. And stuck it in a different box.

I found out a friend was having a baby though and THAT pushed me on to finish the thing.

It's a simple patchwork, with happy bright colors and a few browns thrown in to even it up a bit.

I quilted 1/4" along the row seams. I was going to quilt that way both directions, but after I saw how crazy the lines would be vertically, I stuck with the horizontal quilting only.

The backing is striped flannel and I added even more stripes with the Fruit Stripe gum looking fabric on the binding.

Finally a finish, and finally this quilt is finished. I've also finished 4 rows (out of 6) for a king size t-shirt quilt that is really just too big for my sewing space. It will be done soon so it can go to it's home where king-sized beds fit. And I've finished the coral set of blocks for the twin size version of this quilt.
It's taken me a few weeks but that's what happens when I try to work on three at a time (and have a job and children and try to sleep)!


  1. Thank you for the king sized quilt

  2. Happy colours, I think the baby will love it !


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