Laney's Twin--a November quilt

According to the hoards of people leaving voicemail on my home phone, I am supposed to vote tomorrow so I have been doing a bit of cramming. I've found a few surprises (and disappointments) in all my choices but decided to take a break to post the latest quilt.

This one is the twin sized of the same quilt I made for Laney back in July.
It's folded over the top a bit to fit (and hang without falling).
I stuck with this name because if you know Laney, you know that she is the middle sibling between two sets of twins. Now she has one, and she can boss it around all she wants.

Up next in my quilt world is a quilt like this one for my cousin's daughter so they won't have to fight over it.

And another try at a quilt for my son, this time lots of blue:
I've finished 20 blocks and have 25 more laid out on this flannel board. They won't be in these spots once I sew them up. I just needed a place to lay out all of the strips and see how many I had. I need 88 blocks to finish it so I have a way to go. I'm aiming to finish by Christmas. My daughter also reminded me that I haven't been working on her butterfly quilt so maybe they will both get one for Christmas.

And I just realized, as I sat here thinking of what other quilts I could work on, that it is NOVEMBER. I need to work on these! Yikes!