August quilt 2--baby stripes

After a very stressful end to the week, I did a bit of cleaning, read a book, visited some family out of town, and started putting together some quilts. These are the things I do to make myself stop dwelling on something. The cleaning doesn't really help so much but the sewing, travelling, and the reading can derail a lot of mind chatter. And in the process--a new quilt!

Somewhere along the way last week I finally put 2 and 2 together and figured out a way to combine my job and making quilts. We have several expectant mothers in my ministry group, and what a great way to encourage them by blessing them with a basket of goodies, a kid's Bible, and a baby quilt.

I started with a pattern by Allison Harris, one I used in this quilt. But I didn't want to do the squares in it this time, and also chose to add the patterned fabric at the top and bottom rather than the patchwork strip in the original quilt. Comparing the two, I still don't miss the larger squares but like the look of the patchwork on the ends better than the plain stripe.

This one is for the first baby, a boy who should arrive within the next week or two. The backing is white with blue pin dot flannel. The picture was not worth posting--and also not worth retaking.

While messing around with this quilt, I also cut and laid out the squares for another baby quilt, this one for a girl. I did some digging through some leftover strips and pieces of fabric for this one.

I haven't forgotten my trellis quilt either. It is ready for me to have some free hours to quilt it. Soon.
I also got to spend a bit of time outside, just sitting and visiting with friends and watching a bit of soccer.  Since it was a scrimmage and I wasn't worried about making anyone lose the game, I took a few more action shots than usual.

I even ran a bit myself, especially on the days when I knew I had some nervous energy to burn. Thankful for these chances to take a break--and another quilt finish!


  1. I love the stripped quilt, and I'm anxious for seeing the trellis finished. It looks very beautiful!


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