A couple of weeks ago, on a potentially stormy afternoon, I started cleaning up my sewing room. I had finished that love quilt and always try to clean up after I finish one. Plus I had a lot of nervous energy with the potential for tornadoes looming. It is a small room so it quickly becomes a mess, also making it easy to see when some part of it is starting to get out of control. This time it was the completed quilts, which were stuffed everywhere.

I typically try to follow a bit of a pattern--keep one, give one, sell one. None have been selling, and while I have set aside some to give away, they were still here. At about the same time, I found out how the money raised by Pitter Patter Art's Bible Journalling class was going to be used to bless the staff at her school, and my church's To Norman with Love week of service was approaching. It was time to give these away.  The top two went to a mama friend at my church. After a bit of research and checking around, I gave another three to someone from my hometown to use to raise money at a craft fair for a mission trip if possible, and if not, to be used at a special baby shower they are having soon. I have one more larger one to give away soon and then I will have a bit of room to breathe. When these start to pile up, I lose my creative mojo.

I would have even more room to breathe if I could finish up this one.
It is on hold for a week or so while I work on a teacher surprise--and so I can gear up for the ridiculous amount of ironing it will require to piece it together.

I did spot a scrap quilt idea at a recent art fair and will probably add this to the list soon, maybe as a summer project when I have more space in my days. The scrap bins need a bit of help too.

I may also devote a bit more time this summer the selling side of the equation. For now though, letting go and giving away was what I needed to do.