a quilt for the birthday boy

One of my friends is caring for a little boy. As he is a foster child, I didn't make a quilt at first like I often do with new little ones since I wasn't sure how long he would be with them, but as his first birthday approached, I started thinking more and more about it and then got to work.

It is a simple patchwork with some fun prints worked in. I was also able to add in a few leftover squares from other quilts, just to mix up the options a bit. I backed it with flannel since it is way more snuggly that way.

When I make these patchwork quilts I tend to end up with squares leftover since I sort of randomly cut them out of a good mix of fabrics and hope for the best. I'm sure at one point I had a better guideline. This time, instead of adding these leftover squares to the scrap bins again, I grabbed some of them and made a matching patchwork top.

There were a few glitches while quilting that I hope were resolved for awhile by oiling the bobbin case and the walking foot. I was so happy I was able to finish the quilting at home last night, and had made at least two back up plans so that I could finish in time for the birthday party this weekend. So grateful for this on-time finish and for families who are able to share their lives and homes with children in need of one!

My first finish of my Q3 Finish-along goals!


  1. I agree, foster-carers are amazing people (one of my best friends has cared for up to four boys at a time over the past 15 years, she is amazing!) This is a lovely quilt and I am sure will be gratefully received along with the pillow.

  2. Great quilt that can be a constant in that little boy's life wherever he lives. That is a big deal. Thanks for opening your heart and skills to make such a wonderful gift.

  3. It's beautiful and simple and will be loved for a long time. Lovely finish.

  4. How sweet! Love this and the colors, and what a treat for that little boy! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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