for my husband - September quilt 2

I originally labeled my last quilt September quilt 2 but I took a look back and realized, no, Sherbet was the first quilt of that month. I also noticed that the quilt I was working on was one of the last quilts on my planned finishes for the 3Q Finish a long. So this week this stack (plus a whole bunch more):
turned into this:

This is  before washing so it will look a lot more crinkly and soft once I've finished that step. I'm super excited to be done with this quilt. It is based off of the Snapshots quilt in Elizabeth Hartman's A Practical Guide to Patchwork. I also referenced the checkerboard piecing tutorials from Red Pepper Quilt blog to get these blocks together a bit easier. It was a bit slow at the beginning but once I got a rhythm, it seemed a lot less tedious.

Now I'm off to hang out with some middle schoolers at their color dash. It will balance out all of that black and white I've been staring out this week!


  1. Love this quilt! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Sandra B

  2. This looks amazing! So many little pieces, I love it!

  3. oh that is nice!! Thanks for joining in the FAL on behalf of the cohosts!


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