October quilt 1 - tshirts for B

A few weeks ago one of my friends at my daughter's school asked me if I would help her finish a t-shirt quilt she had started several years ago and just could not bring herself to finish. She was over it. T-shirt quilts can be a quick finish and since she had already cut the pieces and even backed most of them with interfacing, she had tackled the more tedious part of the project.

I had one extra block so I used it on the back along with a strip of dark blue I already had to make the backing wide enough.

I was a little concerned about the dark blue staining the white when I washed it, so I tossed in one color catcher sheet and then checked the quilt as I pulled it out of the wash. I was a bit shocked to see that a red t-shirt (one that had been washed several times from the looks of it) on the top row had made pink blotches here and there. UGH. I rewashed with stain remover and more color catchers, but still have some pink in a few places.

Letting it all air dry and then will deliver tomorrow. Hoping the pink will fade a bit more as it dries!

This is quilt 3 on my list of planned finishes for Q4 of the 2016 Quiltalong.


  1. T-shirt quilts scare me, but yours looks great!

  2. I LOVE your t-shirt quilt!! I will make one - one day in the distant future I think.


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