November quilt - Zig

Another one done. Baby quilts definitely take less time to quilt.

I found a large scale leaf in the clearance section with great colors and snagged some of it for the backing.

Another plus for a baby quilt this size--I don't have to piece the back unless I just want to.

My sewing room is now a bit of a mess. I am working on two scrap quilt projects, which always mean scrap bins are out as I rummage through to find what I want to use. This is finish 4 of my 2016 Quiltalong plans.

One project is a tiny doll quilt for a friend's project. The squares are cut to 1 1/2", so it is making good use of some awkwardly sized scraps I couldn't use otherwise.

The other one started because I discovered how many brown scraps I had in the bin. I don't think any of my scrap quilts included brown. I've been cutting those into 1 1/2" strips, and then making little 3- 1/2" rail fence blocks, but I'm not sure where it's headed past that.

 . . . and now I'm off to look at the settings on my camera because these last three pictures seem a bit off somehow.


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