spring break and another quilt

Last week was spring break and so I got to spend some extra time with my kids. The beginning of the week was cool and overcast so I went to the office then, allowing us more free time on the sunny days. Our first priority was painting my son's room (on one of the cloudy days). New colors mean a new quilt, and since he is a bit more particular about his room now, it is a bit on the back burner as I work on ideas with him.

A friend requested a quilt for her bed, one similar to a throw sized one I made for her a couple of years ago. She wanted the color blocks larger. I didn't have any of those fabrics anymore so I just tried to stick with the same color scheme. Looking back at the original--well, I like that color mix better. It was a tighter composition of the colors. The smaller size of the blocks probably helped in that too. This version was a great stash and scrap buster though, as I tried to size the blocks so that I could get two per fat quarter.

I used flannel as the backing, hoping to give it some weight. The thin batting I use should keep it from getting too hot.

We ended the week at the zoo, again along with most of the people in the metro area it seemed. We ventured over to the other side of the zoo and found some of the more bizarre animals.

along with our usual mix of cuties

Glad for a slow week to rest some, tackle a few spring cleaning home projects, finish another quilt, and gear up for the weeks ahead as soccer and track and every other spring thing hit us full force now.