30 days of quilts made part 2

I am halfway finished with the quilting on my quilt for a friend, but needed a break. And needed to be closer to the oven to check on my apple dessert so it's time for a new post. Although I have been gone all week on a mission trip, I am not really ready to post about that, so it is time for another quilt overview. As I mentioned before, I am participating on a fabric stack challenge led by Rachel of Stitched in Color on Instagram called 30 Days of Fabric Stacks. Each day is a different theme to put together a grouping of at least 4 fabrics. After I started I wondered how many of these match quilts I've made. I looked through my finished quilts, checking which themes I had already tackled (some several times) as well as see if I had any that I have missed. In this post I covered themes for days 1 through 10, if you missed it.

Day 11: Complementary colors

Day 12: Green- nothing themed with green, although lots that include green

Day 13: Scale

Day 14: Masculine

Day 15: Aqua/teal

Day 16: Novelty. Apparently I like to use novelty fabric in stripes.

Day 17: Pink

Day 18: Clashy bright

Day 19: Gray
That's really all I have for gray.
and Day 20: Fabric I hoard- two quilts with fabrics that took me a bit to be ready to cut them

That is enough searching through old pictures. Time to go try to finish up that quilt!