a scrappy June quilt

Back in February, I saw a scrap quilt I really wanted to try -- A Quilt is Nice's Cobblestone quilt. I had made a quilt similar to it a few years ago. Mine was constructed by columns and with charm pack squares cut in half. Hers was scraps and constructed by blocks. I liked the block idea, knowing I could tackle a few blocks here and there in between other projects, and just life in general.

I eventually got tired of having the blocks on my design board and finished it up as a baby quilt. As an added bonus, I was able to use some fabrics I've had for a long time on the back.

Yea for a quilt finish--finally! Hoping to quilt another one next Friday and hit my goal of two a month. It's a bit larger though so it may end up a July quilt, but I'd rather do that then rush it and end up fixing tons of stitching.