July quilt 2 - for Isaac

My son started a room remodel project in the spring, and as he began making choices about colors, etc. I realized I was going to need to make him a new quilt. This was fine because neither of the other two quilts I had made for him seemed like they were for him by the time I was done. The first one, made pretty early on in my quilt making life, veered off into colors that weren't really his favorites. I also discovered that I really didn't care for the disappearing 9 patch pattern. That quilt is now in my office. The second one was more in line with his favorite color at the time and came out ok. But blue was not going to work with what he wanted in his room now. I showed him some photos and books to try to get an idea of shapes and patterns he liked. Most were improv. I don't care so much for full on improv quilt making so I delayed. Finally early this month, I decided to finish this thing up or he is going to plan a new remodel and I will just have a bunch of black and tan and brown fabrics sitting in bins for the rest of my life. I don't lean toward that color scheme much.

I was thinking triangles. I started with some improv flying geese blocks but then went with my gut and started cutting triangles. He approved of some of the early bits so I charged on and through the flying geese into a bin for the back.

As I thought about the backing, I realized it really just needed to be black. With black binding. Classic and simple. I was going to need to piece it though and was able to use some of my early tries while trying to figure out what this should look like. Lots of random cut squares, rectangles, and the flying geese.

and behind the scenes, his sister making sure the quilt doesn't plummet to the halfway muddy ground down below.

The quilt is now on his bed. It is probably too hot for him, but it is on the bed. It still coordinates with his room, and actually helps everything work together better. Now I feel like that project is done, at least my part of it.

I love how it looks, both front and back, AND I think he even likes it.

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  1. Looks fantastic on his bed - great job! I agree with your choice to do a black binding - keeps it all nicely finished off.


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