a baby doll quilt {April quilt 2}

I finished the first of my doll quilts I was asked to make. It was the simplest pattern, so of course I started with that one. Next month I plan to make, or at least start, the larger version of it.

It's a checkerboard pattern similar to a baby quilt I made last year, as my customer requested. This one features lots of purple, with a bit of Disney thrown in on the flannel backing to remind the girl of the trips to Disney World with her grandparents.

I plan to finish up a larger quilt this week or next, and then will likely start on the other doll quilt--a pink one. I will need to hide that one from my daughter.

The part of my blog trying to sell you stuff:
Just a reminder, as baby shower season approaches, I still have a few baby quilts and even one doll quilt left for sale in the Etsy shop. I haven't added the gray and red one yet, but if anyone is interested in that one, send me a message. I double checked the prices before I posted this, and discovered a couple of my listings had disappeared because they "expired." Oops. Also, if you are interested in commissioning something that you will need before Christmas, let me know as soon as possible so we can work out the details and get it on my schedule.

Making plans for a September road trip to the CCDA conference in New Orleans!

And on a completely different subject, two more pictures of my son standing in a soccer field. With a tucked in shirt so we can see just how long his legs are. He did not get that from me.

He got a haircut today, finally. I picked up a People magazine to read while I waited. Unfortunately it was the one with Carrie Underwood on the cover that includes pictures and little stories from several of the families who lost children in the Sandy Hook shooting. Such a horror those parents and the siblings will be dealing with for the rest of their lives.
Grace distracted me with a different magazine, showing me "pretty" orange high heels and lipstick. And a girl who wore green clothes to match the green couch (her words).

That's all I remember from today worth sharing--and it looks like my children need me to herd them into bed now anyway. Enjoy your week!