the dawn of spring-- an April quilt

Back in December I found out another friend was going to have a baby. That same night she asked me to make a baby quilt.  Fast forward a few months and we now know it is a girl--and she has a new quilt.

At some point I decided I would like to use the two Marmalade charm packs I had, and got it ok'd with mom. I also had hoped to try a design I found in one of my older quilt books, one that I had purchased years before I started making them. In 2005 according to Amazon, which just threw that little tidbit in when I searched to add the link.

A week or so ago, when thinking about this blog post, I glanced at the title of that quilt and smiled. The original quilt is all black and grays and suits the name, but mine seems the opposite, full of color and light. I named it the "the dawn of spring," tying in the little girl's middle name. Of course, she will probably call it "blankie."

I combed over it to find the little bits of thread, then laid it on my bed to fold it and tie on the ribbon. I spied a little smudge of dirt, and tried to brush it off, thinking it had gotten some on it when I was taking the pictures. It didn't come off. I tried a little water, which made the fabric transparent enough that I could see the blade of grass sandwiched in there. Nice. So after a minor arthroscopic surgery, the grass is out, the quilt is back in the wash, and hopefully all will be well this time so I can take it to it's home. Grass is great for spring and the name of the quilt and all, but that is really a bit much.

As a side note, I've had one of my newest quilts on my bed the past few days and like it so much that it has made it easier to pick through the ever growing pile of quilts and let go of one. I have added Russian Roulette to my shop--you can find it here (or on the link on the right of the page)!


  1. It's really pretty - the fabrics are so colourful. I hope the smudge is gone now!

  2. lovely! a perfect quilt pattern for those marmalade prints :) :)

  3. A breath of fresh air - beautiful colours and lovely finish!


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