Favorites of 2015

I've noticed on instagram lately a number of posts highlighted their best 9 of 2015. I could not pick the best nine of my pics. Some "bests" never made it to instagram, but of those that did, well, I just can't pick. However, I can pick my favorite 9 quilts. According to my count I finished 28 in 2015, which was a little ahead of my goal to finish 2 per month. There were a few smaller baby quilts that always go together faster, but those were balanced by a few bed-sized quilts--and one king size!

1. Christmas Stars
2. Cotton Candy
3. Flowers for mom (a gift/commisioned)
4. Ups and downs (a gift)
5. Everything nice (a gift)
6. wonky stars (a gift)
7. different season (a gift)
8. Little boy blue (a gift)
9. Summer flowers

Looking forward to this new year and what I can create next!