Mission Watonga

The last week of June a small group of adults and youth from my church headed to Watonga for our 3rd annual Mission Watonga with the First Indian Baptist Church. Here is my post from last year and another from our camp there in 2015. Every year has been a bit different, with a different day camp theme, different lodging site, and always a different mix of kids. There has been a core group of the same kids there each year, and we love reconnecting with them and their families. This year we also added breakfast to the camp, and it ended up being a great way to start our day together. I may have cooked way, way too much bacon though. For the day camp we used a VBS curriculum and added our own crafts, because we all love a bit of creating.

After lunch we usually rested. Especially after that first day. We were all a bit drained from the trip prep, church meetings, and a late night of camp set up that included decorating and cooking a ton of sausage. We had lots of time together at our lodging (Roman Nose cabins this year) and around the area. We did a bit of hiking when it wasn't super hot, hung out at the springs, had a cookout, and ate a lot of s'mores. We also did some paddle boats but I was on one and chose to leave the camera on dry land.

Some of us may have needed a bit more resting.

One day we took a side trip to a church in Geary. The pastor there had left behind quite a bit of books in his office, and a mission team heading to the area after us was going to be cleaning out the whole building as a service project. Our group was interested in the library and found way more while we were there. We ended up carrying off quite a bit of books, as well as odd assorted items that people found in the office and the community room that seemed to be an abandoned rummage sale. Including lots of fabric. I may have brought home a boxful. If I was a fan of double knit, I would have been in heaven.
I am thankful for the opportunity to go again this year with both of my kids as well as a great group from my church. It was a great time to focus on others, share more about God with these children, and just step away from Norman for a bit with friends.


  1. This was a great adventure. I am so glad to learn about your visit


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