the red white and blue

I am not what anyone would call super patriotic but during the summer months I do gravitate toward red, white, and blue color schemes. It just reminds me of berries and popsicles and picnics. And so as I was planning this next quilt, it somehow morphed from a mostly red and white quilt to include the depth of some blues.

For the pattern I dug through Schnibbles Times Two by Carrie Nelson. Sometimes it is fun to try my own thing and sometimes I want to try something someone else already figured out for me. I made it a bit more complicated since her pattern was written for precut 10" squares and I was using fat quarters, scraps and maybe a few half yards, but her patterns are fairly straightforward and it came together quickly (when I could work on it).

I used a simple medium scale pattern for the backing to balance out the busy-ness of the front, and finished it off with a navy binding.

As usual there are things I would change, but as a whole I like it and look forward to giving it as gift soon. Because I will be traveling a bit in the next few weeks, I don't have another quilt in the works. I do have a request for one of the boxy pouches I've made before. I'm also trying to squeeze in some time to add this quilt and this quilt to my shop--and then I REALLY need to pack.