Quilts for sale

The suitcase I keep quilts I want to sell is now full, so I thought I would try to sell them on here first. I have three, two baby quilt size and one a bit bigger.

All of these are handmade by me and machine stitched. They have all been washed, because I like the crinkly look and also to check for seam issues.

First up---

 Pink Zigzag  35-1/2" x 38-1/2"
Binding is scrappy mix of the solid pink and pink stripe from the front of the quilt.

The second:

Cowgirl (or boy)  40-1/2" x 52"
Flannel back. The front is a mix of cottons and denim.

And lastly (with a helper to hold this one):

 Autumn  47" x 61"
Cotton front and back.

Email me if you are interested. If you live anywhere near me, I'll deliver so you can avoid the extra charge and I can avoid the post office.