Isaac turned ten last week, and as is our habit, we dragged the celebration out all weekend.
He woke up at 6 that morning, 30 minutes earlier than usual, without an alarm clock. He had some presents waiting from some of the family who weren't going to able to come over for the weekend party.

And a gift from his sister. Yes, it's time to do something with his growing-out hair.

After school we went and picked out a new bike. 

I worked on the cake, a white cake with chocolate chips (his request). I got a big hug when he saw it.

Friday was the party with his friends, a sleepover. They all seemed to have a great time.

 We also celebrated with my parents on Saturday but I apparently took no pictures. We watched a soccer game (they won), and then the OU game (they also won). I fed everyone some Morrocan chicken with apricots, chickpeas, and butternut squash that I made in the Crock pot. It was ok but the flavor from the spices was diluted by all the juice. Next time I'll make it on the stove. If I like it, I'll post it.

We didn't do any birthday stuff on Sunday but we did participate in the CROP walk, a 3 mile walk to benefit hunger and our local Food and Shelter for Friends.
We had a stroller but she ended up walking quite a bit of it. We walked with some of our friends and even saw Isaac's teacher there with her family.

On a completely different topic,
I finally saw one way people make these photo collages and made my first, a collage of the first 9 quilts I made this year. I make one of the rest later.
1. January-for my sister 2. February-for Isaac 3. March-for me 4. April--for Ana and Sofia 5. May--for my mentee 6. June-for my mother-in-law 7. July--the cowgirl one 8. July--the Cocoon one 9. August--the good morning quilt for Amy

I think I've done four others after these, so I'll wait a bit to do the next collage--maybe at the end of the year.


  1. WOW! 10...wow!
    He is looking more like Shannon these days

  2. And he's only three inches shorter than me. Yes, he is looking more like his dad. Except Shannon has a big beard. Thankfully Isaac doesn't have that yet. 4th grade would be rough.


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