last quilt of the year

I finished up the Christmas quilt finally so that we could enjoy for a while until I decide it's really time to go back to our more springy summery one.

 It is sideways in this picture, so that it didn't drag on the ground. It's roughly 63" by 73".

 The back is flannel, except for that stripe strip I decided to add.

And here it is in its new home. On a slipcover that needs to be washed.

That is the last of the quilts for this year. I have one I'm working on, but it is for early January.

As a review here are the ones I have made since mid-August. If you want to see the ones from January to early August, go here and scroll down to the end of the post.

1. August- a baby quilt  2. September - berry blooming birdie  3. September - Seaside for my mom
4. October - pink chevron (for sale at AA Quilts)  5. November - Autumn log cabin (also at AA Quilts) 6. October-Marrakesh
7. November-a baby quilt  8. December- Paris for Ms Sue. 9. December - Christmas (this post)

And of course as I made this collage of 9, I had to leave out two pictures:
This is from the same link as #8 above.

So I made 20 quilts this year! Wow! That is amazing, and I already have a tentative schedule for more for next year. Most scheduled are gifts, but I have a few planned that are just fabric I like that I will work in as a can and then save them for gifts, or put them in the shop. I think I need a bit more options in there.


  1. It turned out fabulous Angela! I love it as a Christmas's the first one I've seen! Thank you so much for sharing it with me (and I loved seeing your other quilts too!!!!). Have a great day! -Allison


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